“Translyrics” Privacy Policy Translyricsプライバシーポリシー

We at UNIVERSAL MUSIC LLC and AMUSE Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Companies’) will handle all user information including personal information concerned with the website or the service “Translyrics” (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Service’) in accordance with the following.

ユニバーサル ミュージック合同会社および株式会社アミューズ(以下「当社ら」といいます)は、「Translyrics」(以下「本サービス」といいます。)における個人情報を含むユーザー情報を以下のとおり取り扱います。

1. [User’s Information to be Collected and Method of Collection]

For purpose of this Privacy Policy, “User’s Information” means information that identifies users, history of actions on communication services and other information created or accumulated in relation to user or user’s devices, which shall be collected by the Companies pursuant to this Privacy Policy.

Depending on the method of collection, the User’s Information that we may collect for a user to use the Services includes;

  • 1. information provided by the user (when the User inquire for the Companies), including
    • name
    • e-mail address
    • phone number
  • 2. information provided from services outside the Services to the extent that the user permits for use with Services;
    The Companies may collect the following information from services outside the Services, including but not limited to social network services such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, to the extent the user permits for use with the Services at that time;
    • ID used by the user for such outside services
    • Token given to the user for the said services
    • other information that the user has authorized the other service provider to disclose through its privacy settings in such outside service
  • 3. information collected by the Companies for the use by the users of the Services
    The Companies may collect information upon access to or use of the Services, including;
    • terminal information
    • log information
    • Token given to the user for the Service
    • cookies and anonymous ID
    • location information




  • 1.ユーザーから提供いただく情報(お問い合わせ時)。
    • 氏名
    • メールアドレス
    • 電話番号
  • 2. ユーザーが本サービスの利用において、他のサービスと連携を許可することにより、当該他のサービスからご提供いただく情報
    • 当該外部サービスでのユーザーが利用するID
    • 当該外部サービスにおいてユーザーに発行されたトークン
    • その他当該外部サービスのプライバシー設定によりユーザーが連携先に開示を認めた情報
  • 3.ユーザーが本サービスを利用するにあたって、当社らが収集する情報
    • 端末情報
    • ログ情報
    • 本サービスにおいてユーザーに発行されたトークン
    • Cookie(クッキー)および匿名ID
    • 位置情報

2. [Purpose of User Information]

For all other cases, the Companies shall use the acquired personal information for the following purposes listed below:

  • a. to address a violation of rules, regulations or policies relating to the Services
  • b. to prevent any unauthorized/fraudulent use of the Service
  • c. to offer an undisturbed and smooth Service to users
  • d. to aggregate statistical data regarding the Service
  • e. to enable the Companies to deal effectively with user inquiries
  • f. to perform identity checks when a user makes an inquiry etc.
  • g. to notify users of any other important information regarding the Service and to contact users where necessary
  • h. other purpose incidental to the foregoing



  • a. 本サービスに関する当社らの規約、プライバシーポリシー等に違反する行為に対する対応のため
  • b. 本サービスの不正な使用を防止するため
  • c. ユーザーが本サービスを円滑に利用できるようにするため
  • d. 本サービス利用に関する統計データを作成するため
  • e. ユーザーからのお問い合わせに対する対応のため
  • f. ユーザーからのお問い合わせ時等、本人確認を行うため
  • g. その他本サービスに関する重要なお知らせ等、必要に応じた連絡を行うため
  • h. 上記の利用目的に付随する利用目的のため

3. [Provision of Information]

The Companies will never provide user information to any third parties expect under the following circumstances:

  • a. when the user personally agrees to such provisions in advance
  • b. when the law requires the Companies to do so
  • c. when the Companies finds sufficient enough reasons to believe that the user is violating the Terms of Service and the Companies is forced to disclose the user's personal information in order to protect the Companies', Perfume’s or third-parties’ rights, properties, and/or services
  • d. when it is necessary for the protection of a person's life, body, or property, and at such a time, when obtaining the user's prior consent is difficult
  • e. when it is especially necessary for the improvement of public health or to promote the sound growth of children, and at such a time, when obtaining the user's prior consent is difficult
  • f. when the Companies is required to cooperate with a state institution, a local government, or an individual or a business operator entrusted by one in executing the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and at such a time, when obtaining the users prior consent could impede the aims of the authorities
  • g. in cases where the user's personal information is revealed as a result of the succession of the Companies' business in a merger, demerger, or business transfer, etc.



  • a. ご本人が事前に同意した場合
  • b. 法律に基づく場合
  • c. ユーザーが本サービスの利用規約に違反し、当社ら、Perfumeまたは第三者の権利、財産やサービス等を保護するために、個人情報を公開せざるをえないと判断するに足る十分な根拠がある場合
  • d. 人の生命、身体または財産の保護のために必要がある場合であって、本人の同意を得ることが困難である場合
  • e. 公衆衛生の向上または児童の健全な育成の推進のために特に必要がある場合であって、本人の同意を得ることが困難である場合
  • f. 国の機関もしくは地方公共団体またはその委託を受けた者が法令の定める事務を遂行することに対して協力する必要がある場合であって、本人の同意を得ることにより当該事務の遂行に支障を及ぼすおそれがある場合
  • g. 合併、会社分割、営業譲渡その他の事由によって個人情報の提供を含む当社らの事業の承継が行われる場合

4. [Information Delegation]

The Companies may entrust, to the extent the Companies considers necessary to achieve the intended purpose concerning the use of the Service, the handling of personal information collected from users, in whole or in part, to a trustee. In such circumstances, the Companies will adequately assess the eligibility of the trustee, impose a confidentiality agreement upon the trustee, and establish an appropriate information administration system.



5. [Shared Use of Information]

The Companies may share the user's personal information with a business partner, when a business partner's cooperation is needed in order to keep providing the Service to the user.
In such circumstances, the Companies will inform the user regarding the purpose of information sharing, the name of the business partner and information manager, as well as the type of shared information involved before sharing the user’s personal information with such a business partner.



6. [User Rights]

  • 1. Users may, through the procedures determined by the Companies, send the Companies a request for the disclosure of personal information which the users cannot confirm/access via the Service. The Companies, in turn shall disclose such information except under the following conditions:
    • when the disclosure is likely to harm the life, body, property or other rights or interests of the user or any other third party
    • when the disclosure is likely to severely interfere with the Companies' proper operation
    • when disclosure itself would constitute a violation of laws and/or regulations
    • when the Companies is unable to verify the user’s ownership of the personal information requested for disclosure.
  • 2. After the disclosure, users may, through the procedures determined by the Companies, send the Companies a request to correct, add or delete the user’s personal information, if the users find personal information registered with the Companies to be incorrect. Under such circumstances, the Companies shall swiftly investigate the request to achieve the desired user intention and correct, add or delete the personal information on the basis of the Companies' findings.
  • 3. When users request the disclosure by the Companies of their personal information that is unable to be confirmed/accessed though the Service, the Companies may charge the users a certain fee for the disclosure procedures. The users can choose freely whether or not they will provide the Companies with their personal information, however the users may be unable to use a part of the Service until they have provided the Companies with the necessary information.


  • 1. ユーザーは当社らに対し、本サービス上で確認できない個人情報の開示を求める場合、当社らが別途定めた手続きに従って、次の場合を除き開示を請求することができます。
    • 開示することで本人または第三者の生命、身体、財産その他の権利利益を害するおそれがある場合
    • 開示することで当社らの業務の適正な実施に著しい支障を及ぼすおそれがある場合
    • 開示することが法令に違反することとなる場合
    • 開示の請求がご本人からであることが確認できない場合
  • 2. 開示の結果、ユーザーが当社ら保有の個人情報の内容が事実でないと判断した場合は、当社らが別途定めた手続きに従って、個人情報の訂正・追加・削除を請求することができます。その場合、当社らは利用目的の達成に必要な範囲内で遅滞なく調査を行い、その結果に基づき当該個人情報の訂正・追加・削除を行います。なお、本サービスのウェブサイト上で確認できない個人情報の開示を請求される場合には、当社らが別途定めた手続きに従って開示手数料をいただく場合がございます。
  • 3. ユーザーから当社らへの個人情報の提供は任意ですが、必要な情報をご提供いただけない場合、本サービスの一部を利用できない場合がございます。

7. [Withdrawal from Our Services]

Upon withdrawing from our Services, when a user account is deleted, all user information will be disposed of in the correct manner in accordance with the law and Companies regulations.



8. [Modifications to this Privacy Policy]

This Privacy Policy may be revised periodically. Users will be notified of important changes in a recognizable manner.

8. 【本プライバシーポリシーの改定】


9. [Inquiries]

If users have any uncertainty about this Privacy Policy or questions, complaints, or comments on the handling of personal information related to the Service, users are asked to contact us via this email address (prfm_translyrics@rhizomatiks.com).

9. 【お問い合わせ】


Prescribed on March 11, 2015
AMUSE inc.
2015年3月11日 制定

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